Create Your Own Periodic Table Gifts

by | Jul 26, 2020 | Science & Tech

Looking for awesome periodic table gifts for chemists, scientists and science teachers?

Periodic Table of the Elements Tank Top

We here at OddMatter love chemistry and chemical engineering and are proud to offer these fun periodic table customizable gifts and party supplies. Customize your own chemistry element t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, throw pillows, home decor and all kinds of accessories. Science geeks and chemistry nerds will love these awesome gifts. What analytical chemist or biochemist wouldn’t love a customized periodic table of the elements tee or sweatshirt? What lab technician or chemistry teacher wouldn’t love to drink their coffee from a customized chemistry element mug?

Planning a science-themed chemistry party? We also have fun periodic table of the elements party supplies including gift tags, favor bags and even cookies! Perfect for a fun mad-scientist themed party.

These geeky chemistry periodic table gifts and party supplies are a breeze to personalize. Click on any product, it will direct you to our store on Zazzle. Then enter in your favorite element or create your own! Change the chemical element name, symbol, atomic number and atomic mass. Click customize to change the background color or make further

These fun tees, accessories and home decor make a great holiday or birthday gift idea for the:

Chemistry Teacher

Science Teacher

Chemistry Professor

Analytical Chemist

Chemical Engineer



Chemical Technician

Laboratory Technician

Chemical Technician


Organic Chemist

Materials Scientist


Need help customizing or personalizing any of these awesome nerdy products? Just contact us, we welcome custom requests.

Looking for more fun chemistry themed gifts?

These designs and more are available on a wide variety of gift items including tote bags, mugs, tees and accessories.


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